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The News Spy: Privacy Policy

This document shall stipulate how we collect and handle data from our users. Users must read, understand and ACCEPT this privacy policy continue using “Our Services.”

The terms “We” or “Our” or “Us” will be used interchangeably anywhere in this document to represent the owners of The News Spy website.

It’s our right to make changes to this document at any time, without prior notice to the user. The user should always check for any changes to this document.

Personally Identifiable Information

To access The News Spy website services, we require users to provide specific unique identifying data. Information such as name and individual financial information is part of what we collect from users.

Given how sensitive this data could be, you provide it to us at your own free will. If you decide against making any required information available to us, you may be unable to access the The News Spy website’s core services.

The News Spy will never trade your personal information without your permission. Our communication with you shall be through email support.

However, we may comply with any reasonable law enforcement requests or measures to comply with Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and make your data available.

Non-Personal-Identifiable (Generic) Information

While you make use of our services, we collect generic information to help us serve you better. These may include your activity on the web and your location.

We store and handle generic information differently from personal data to ensure the security of your private data.

Generic information helps us improve our services. We use cookies to collect your generic data. You can refer to our cookie policy to understand how we collect such data.

Information Posted On Public Forums and Collected By Third-Party Sites

As part of our services, we may have bulletin boards, chat rooms, or any other public forum for engaging our users. Users take responsibility for protecting the information they make available on such platforms.

The News Spy website may have links to several third-party sites over which we have no control. The News Spy team shall not be liable for any information you disclose to any third-party site. You are encouraged to read all of their privacy policies before sharing your data.

Exceptions and Limitations

According to the law, we shall make available any personal information to law enforcement upon reasonable request in connection to an investigation on the use of the

The News Spy is a legitimate organisation, and as such, we shall exempt any user conducting fraudulent activities on our platform from confidentiality protections. We may also disclose certain information to law enforcement upon request.

We shall not explicitly guarantee the safety of your information while collecting and processing them.

We may disclose or sell certain information in line with this policy. But we shall ensure that all entities receiving such information are in the communication sector and use the data mainly to improve services.

Users may opt out of such disclosures by notifying us through email of their decision.